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Who Is Abdullah Faiez!?!

This week I'm going to talk about who's Abdullah Faiez. Every Friday, new upload. Don't forget to subscribe to our email list just in case, so you don't miss an upload. Anyways let's get on with this topic!  Hello, my name is Abdullah Faiez, and I'm 19 years old. I live in San Francisco, California, and I'm a full-time entrepreneur, and I'm also a full-time college student. My intentions with this blog are to create this blog for young teens can have a way out in a sense to get guidance from their older brother, who is me. I try to give out the best advice possible. I have 19 years of life experience. I have been through things throughout my life. So I like to feel I have a decent knowledge about life and money. So, I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 12 years old. I have created 8 apps from the age of 13 - 16 years old, which I talked about down below. Ever since that, I have tried a whole bunch of other ventures, which gave me lessons and

Teen "School" Advice

This week Im going to talk about school advice. The reason being is school is starting for me on Wednesday. So I wanted to give information to students that are still in high school. Im going to advise Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Seniors. Im a Junior now so, I asked my older brother for advice for seniors and juniors. So please read on for advice.

Freshmen year, I remember it like it was yesterday. School goes by fast, so enjoy it. Before I give my advice, your mindset in high school is your going to be successful. Anyways so my advice would be to give you 100% all in your classes. The reason being most of the freshmen don't care about freshmen year. Most freshmen mess around in class. Freshmen year is just as important as your other years in high school. Don't screw around in high school. If you do college will be so hard for you because you were to busy screwing around in classes instead of listening to your teacher. My other advice would be to keep your friendship circle SMALL. Trust me; they are so many fake people in high school. Don't try to make a lot of friends. There is no point because most of these so-called "friends" won't even like be there for you in your low times. Your real friend is the one that looks out for you. 

The sophomore year, that was a rollercoaster. My advice will be if you have a friend who likes to cut class a lot, don't go with him or her unless its lunchtime and your school allow IT. Don't just leave campus unless your school is okay with it. My other advice would be just like my freshman advice is to give your 100% in your classes. College people look at your grades and, if they are not good, your not going to get in that college. So please, this is for your good just do good in school. I want the best for you. DO YOUR BEST.

Junior year I asked my older brother his advice was to try 300% this year. Junior year is the hardest year. This year will legit give your gray hair because you will stress so much. So pretty much just hustle through it. Also, if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend that distracts you, cut him or her out of your life. This year is too important to ruin over a BF OR GF. Unless if the BF OR GF is not too distracting and wants you to succeed in school. Keep her around. He or she is good in your life. Also, the junior year starts figuring out what college you want to go too.

Senior year again, I asked my brother for advice, so he said that you should give 90% in your classes. That doesn't mean to like get bad grades. It means to like if your friends are going out on the weekend and your studying. Go out with them. Then come back and then study. The reason being is that this is your last year of high school. So live it to its fullest potential. It starts like apply for colleges and scholarships. Also, go to your senior dances and activities.

That just a little bit of what my advice is. I hope you enjoyed it. Please comment let me know what you think. Please download my APPS and make sure you tell your friends about my blog. Don't forget to subscribe so you can get updates through your email. I will post every Friday. Thanks for reading, thank you.